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Very often we get puzzled to choose which web host is better. We also get confused which type of hosting service we should actually opt for.Here we will let you know about the detailed checklist which we need to study for selecting the best web hosting service.

Basic Hosting Requirements

The very first step is to know your hosting requirements. You should scrutinize your hosting service’s reliability and guarantees. Then you need to study web hosting upgrading options. Also, you need to check all the features like total number of add-on domains it allows etc.

Your requirements will also depend on the type of website are you building. If you want some self-hosting services which come as easier options like WordPress or BlogSpot, then you are having cheaper investment. It is suggested when you are a newbie at web hosting.

Then you need to decide about the platform on which you need to run your services like: Windows, Linux, Android etc. Other things like versions of software eg: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML will also depend on compatibility of other web features you are using. This will be quite in line with the incoming web traffic volume your website would face.

Shared Hosting Services – Good or Not?

Some shared web hosting services like iPage hosting, eHost, Inmotion, Web Host face Hosting, Interserver, RatingWeb have received good reviews from the experienced web hosting individuals. They have different pricing schemes based on the features you are willing to opt for.

Also, some shared hosting services run round the year discounted rate if you stick to them. Many individuals who look for good hosting facilities with customization at cheaper cost, opt for these shared web hosting services.

Server Reliability and Uptime Scores

Server reliability denotes the uptime score. It is required to obtain uninterrupted 24×7 operating web hosting service for hassle-free operation of your website. It is recommended to have an uptime score between 95% and 99% approximately.

Server Upgrading Options

There are various options like shared hosting, virtual private service (VPS) and cloud hosting. Shared web hosting is suitable for newbies as it does not require upgrading database connection for first few periods.

If you are experienced and looking for frequent security upgradations, then VPS is a better option. If you are planning to host websites that require really big database then cloud hosting is the best option for you.

Multiple Add-on Domains

In order to accommodate extra space of other domains, we require add-on domains. Hence it is important to acquire a web hosting account which allows addition of multiple add-on domains.

Most of the shared hosting services permit minimum twenty five add-on domains in a single account. This apart, there are parked domains which will allow you a park for domain forwarding or to do email hosting.


Shared hosting services are usually cheap if you judge on the basis of signup price but they are costly if you judge on the basis of renewal costs.If you want to opt for trial web services, then check for the web hosting service’s refund policy. If it has high cancellation fees, do not go for it.

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